Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Agreement to Policy

Every IP user (referred to as “Users” or “Lessees”) of IP ADDRESS MARKET is required to agree to this policy in addition to our Terms of Service.

Purpose and Overview

Bare Metal Email’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) exists to provide a clear understanding of expectations for our users during their use of the service. This document outlines the basic understanding of Bare Metal Email’s AUP and guidelines for its establishment and enforcement. The goals of our AUP include:

  • Providing reliable service to our users
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of our systems and network, as well as the networks and systems of others
  • Complying with existing laws
  • Upholding Bare Metal Email’s reputation as a responsible service provider
  • Encouraging responsible use of the Internet
  • Preserving individual user privacy and security
  • Maintaining the reputation of Lessors IP addresses

Violations of AUP

Violations of this AUP include:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Malware/Phishing
  • SPAM
  • Unacceptable/Illegal materials
  • Other: Anything else not covered under the categories above.

Reporting Abuse

Users can report abusive activity to the Bare Metal Email Abuse Desk through:

  1. Contacting Bare Metal at

When reporting abuse, please provide the following details if available:

  • The IP address (obligatory) and domain (if available) used in the alleged violation
  • The date and time of the alleged violation, including the time zone or offset from GMT
  • Any available evidence of the alleged violation, such as email headers, logs (preferably in plain text), screenshots, etc.

Inadequate evidence may hinder Bare Metal Email’s ability to resolve the issue. The Abuse Desk operates in English.

Monitoring and Control

Bare Metal Email does not actively monitor subscriber activity under normal circumstances, nor does it exercise editorial control over any website content, email transmissions, newsgroups, or other materials created or accessible over or through the services. However, any materials deemed by Bare Metal Email, at its sole discretion, to potentially be illegal, subject Bare Metal Email to liability, or violate this AUP can be removed.

Legal Cooperation and Actions

Bare Metal Email may cooperate with legal authorities and/or third parties in investigating suspected crimes or civil wrongdoing. Violating this AUP could lead to suspension or immediate termination of the user’s Bare Metal Email account or other actions. Any legal orders or subpoenas should be submitted via email:

Service Termination

Bare Metal Email reserves the right to terminate a user’s service without notice if their account is used to violate the AUP or Bare Metal Email’s Terms of Service. Severe violations may result in immediate termination of service.

Handling Timelines

Bare Metal Email expects users to respond to abuse reports promptly and may follow up if no action is taken. The service might be suspended or terminated depending on the severity of the issue and response times. Expected response times are:

  • Spam, Spamvertisement, Malware: 24 hours
  • Copyright infringement, Phishing: 48 hours
  • Other types of abuse: up to 48 hours

Note: Issue resolution might take longer over weekends and bank holidays.


Users hosting websites or services supporting spammers, or causing any 3rd party’s IP space (available on Bare Metal Email IP Address Market) to be listed in any Spam Databases or blacklists, will have their lease immediately suspended.

In case of abuse, Bare Metal Email may exercise remedies including terminating the lease, leasing the IP numbers to others, accelerating the due date of remaining lease payments, recovering all costs and expenses, and any other remedy permitted by law.

Leases will not be reconnected until the offending material has been fully removed and we have confirmed its removal. Severe violations may result in permanent removal from our network without notice to the user.

Policy Revisions

Bare Metal Email reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this AUP and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner.