Bare Metal Email vs Outlook:
One of the Best Outlook Alternatives focused on Deliverability in 2023

In the domain of business email service providers, Outlook has traditionally been a go-to option for many firms. However, as the industry evolves, new contenders such as Bare Metal Email have entered the arena, because focus on superior deliverability when it comes to email – is all that matters, with greater reputation control, and enhanced cost-efficiency. If you’re in pursuit of a robust email management system that can serve as a viable alternative to Outlook by deliverability, Bare Metal Email is your answer as an Outlook Alternative.

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Why Bare Metal Email Stands Out as an Outlook Alternativeā€¦

Exclusive IP Address for Optimal Deliverability

With Bare Metal Email, your organization gets its own exclusive IP address. This means your reputation stays intact, and your emails are reliably delivered to the intended audience. This level of control makes it a standout Microsoft Outlook alternative – without having to shell out for an expensive Microsoft Exchange Server.

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Affordable Pricing A Cost-Effective Alternative to Outlook

Bare Metal Email guarantees a pricing structure that’s more economical than Outlook by inbox and volume, making it an accessible email solution for businesses, regardless of their size.

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No Limitations on Inboxes, Email Sending, and Subscribers

Embrace the liberty of having unlimited inboxes, the capacity to send unlimited emails daily, and the ability to have as many subscribers as you need with Bare Metal Email. This ensures your business communication remains boundless, setting it apart as an alternative to Outlook.

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Warming up Numerous Inboxes at No Extra Cost

Bare Metal Email’s Microsoft Outlook alternative warms up to 150 inboxes and addresses for free, promising enhanced deliverability for your email campaigns by sending real mail to our network, ensuring other Email Service Providers that you are a trusted sender

Bare Metal Email’s sole intention is to compete on deliverability over everything elseLet’s get your mail out of the spam once and for all.

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Effortless Integration and Maintenance

Entrust the intricacies of integration and server maintenance to Bare Metal Email’s proficient engineers. They manage all the technical details, allowing you to prioritize what matters most – your business. We even monitor your stuff, so if there’s a problem with deliverability or your setup, we’ll let you know how to fix it immediately.

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An All-inclusive Technical Email Solution

Regardless of your specific email sending requirements, Bare Metal Email provides a flexible and complete solution that can adapt to any business’s needs. Haven’t answered what you need specifically yet?

Ask our friendly agents for any reassurance!

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Why Choose Bare Metal Email as the Best Microsoft Outlook Alternative?

While Microsoft Outlook is an established email management system, Bare Metal Email outperforms it in several aspects. From providing a dedicated IP address on managed and clean IP ranges, with zero tolerance on blacklisted actors, and offering unlimited inboxes, email sending, and subscribers, to handling integrations and server maintenance, Bare Metal Email stands out as a simpler alternative with a focus trying to provide hands down better deliverability.

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Moreover, Bare Metal Email’s dedicated IP and clean controlled ranges ensures your business’s sending reputation remains intact, while it’s guaranteed lower price makes it a cost-effective choice. With up to 150 warmed-up inboxes and addresses, you can rely on Bare Metal Email to strive for a higher deliverability on average than Outlook as a business goal.

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Transition to Bare Metal Email Today

Bare Metal Email is the ultimate email management solution for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge over Outlook. With its dedicated IP address, simple pricing structure, unlimited inboxes, and expertly handled integrations, Bare Metal Email offers everything your business needs for efficient business email communication.

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Don’t let Outlook limit your businesses potential by deliverability, inbox or control.

Choose Bare Metal Email and unlock the full power of your email management system today.

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Microsoft Outlook vs Bare Metal Email

We engineered Bare Metal Email specifically to be superior to current legacy business inbox providers in every way. Focusing on Deliverability, Service and Support.

What email professionals look for in their inbox providers:
Dedicated IP?Only with Exchange
Inboxes Provided?UnlimitedPay for each 1Pay for each 1Pay for each 1
Sending per Inbox?UnlimitedHard cappedHard cappedHard capped
Domain and IP Reputation Warmup Included?
Domain and IP Reputation Maintenance Included?
2 Factor Authentication?OptionalEnforcedEnforcedOptional
Support with Integrations?
Copy/Spam danger report?
IP and Domain analysis?
Inbox Privacy and SecurityAbsolute Scans your mail Scans your mail Policy Unclear
IP Blacklist reputation Recoverable?Not by youNot by youNot by you

Bare Metal Emails’ focus on deliverability is superior to Outlook hands down

Bare Metal Email isn’t just an alternative to Outlook; it’s a significant upgrade.
Its focus on superior deliverability and customer focused structure make it the choice for businesses aiming for maximum control over their email reputation, where inboxing Primary is business critical.

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Our Average Reliable Deliverability

What's the average performance on our client's email servers? It's consistently in high double figures, and we work hard to keep it that way. When our technology is combined with good email copy and excellent data through our master classes, we can achieve significantly higher deliverability rates than Gmail or Outlook when sending mail to the top 5 global providers by volume.

*Rates based on an average well written campaign with using our customer only Wiki to optimal effect.

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