Bare Metal Email Enterprise

Bare Metal Email has the highest priority, secure and deliverable monitored enterprise email solutions in the world
for any world class organization.

Whether you need Onsite or Cloud Email Service Provider support, we can deliver at scale,
and to the deliverability and security expectations your organization deserves at the highest security and privacy standards,
all while keeping mail flowing to where it’s supposed to go.

Your customers and partners primary inboxes.

Enterprise level solutions include everything from Bare Metal Email’s best in class business email sending packages,


SMTP Abuse report information

Major providers give us access to their abuse reports, this means we’re able to tell you exactly who is complaining about your emails, and what you can do about it, protecting your domain and IP reputation around the clock.

Controlling your abuse chain is key, and we forensically control this for our clients.

Blacklist De-listing Automation

We automatically request delisting from all major AND minor email and IP blacklists, and are constantly adding to our list of blacklist providers to ensure 99% coverage of the Internet’s email and IP blacklists.

Every minor list is taken seriously, and we have a close to 100% de-listing success rate.

High threat email blacklist monitoring

We monitor the highest threat IP and Domain blacklists daily with an active dashboard, so we’re able to in real time tell you exactly what new threats your email deliverability may encounter, and give you actionable insights to fix it.

High threat domain blocking

We maintain an exclusive high level list of domains we do not allow you to email to, these are domains which – will not – allow you to send mail to without specifically whitelisting those domains first with the provider.

We’re able to in many cases to gain exclusive mailing rights to highly protected domains, and where we are unable, block those domains to prevent your domain and IP’s reputations from coming to harm by attempting to email them.

This is exclusive to Bare Metal Email.

Voice Support Technical

At the highest and lowest levels of support, we provide you with end to end integration and campaign setup, so you can concentrate on your campaigns

…and never the technical problems – ever again.

Enterprise Grade Privacy

Our highest level privacy installations enable your business to operate within your dedicated server without fear of compromise from bad actors.

We do not, and will never read/monitor your mail or your data, and we exclusively guarantee this as part of the Bare Metal Email agreement.

Your data and your privacy with Bare Metal email is absolute.

Enterprise Server Security Hardening

We work with some of the most talented Certified Serverside and LIR (Local Internet Registrar) Certified Infrastructure Engineers to give each server under our care the greatest form of security available from a private email server company,
with bank level Public/Private key, no root access and Two Factor authenticated Servers.

Every server is unique and crucially – un-networked.

This means that should any server within our organization become compromised in any way, no other customer can be physically affected from a breach.

This is the highest level of segregated security available, and is exclusive to Bare Metal Email as an ESP (Email service provider).

Single high volume inboxes

High volume senders need a single email address to reach their customers at scale, whether a bank who needs their daily logins and statements sent out en-masse, or a doctor who needs their medical communication to reach their customers with the utmost of certainty, Bare Metal Email is able to create huge sending volumes from
Single Strong high volume inbox email addresses like team@ or system@
with 99% deliverability.

Enterprise Grade Packages

Chose the package that’s right for your organization, or talk to us and we can suggest what you need for your organizations needs, or if you’re growing, your ambitions.

All packages Include everything from BME’s best in class
business email sending packages, plus:
Single high volume inboxes112
Low volume inboxes4080150
Single high volume inbox rate per month30,000 to 1 inbox60,000 to 1 inbox120,000 to 2 inboxes
Low volume inbox rate total per monthUp to 120,000 to 40 inboxesUp to 300,000 to 80 inboxesUp to 500,000 to 150 inboxes
Total recommended email send rates per month
(per package)
Storage space90 GB170 GB250 GB
ESP SMTP Abuse report information27 Email Providers27 Email Providers27 Email Providers
Blacklist delisting automation380 Lists380 Lists380 Lists
High threat email blacklist monitoring90 Lists90 Lists90 Lists
Low threat email blacklist monitoring290 Lists290 Lists290 Lists
High threat domain blockingActiveActiveActive
Voice Support Technical (HTML T3)xxx
Voice Support Server Engineering (Linux T2)xx
Voice Support Infrastructure (LIR T1)x
Voice Support Setup and Onboardingxxx
Enterprise Grade PrivacyAbsoluteAbsoluteAbsolute
Enterprise Server Security Hardening2 Factor Public/Private key Bank level Encryption2 Factor Public/Private key Bank level Encryption2 Factor Public/Private key Bank level Encryption