Say Goodbye to Mailgun: Bare Metal Email’s Deliverability Wins Every Time

In the digital communication landscape, businesses are constantly seeking more effective, secure, and customizable email solutions. While services like Mailgun have been commonly utilized, a new, powerful alternative has emerged: Bare Metal Email. This service is not just another player in the game but a potential game-changer, offering a host of features and benefits that truly set it apart.

Key Benefits of Choosing Bare Metal Email:

When it comes to email deliverability, your IP address is everything. Using a shared IP address means that you are sharing that address with hundreds of other users who may or may not be increasing the deliverability of that IP address.

At Bare Metal Email, we provide a dedicated IP address just for your business. We guarantee that nobody else will use this IP and that it will never drop out of your name as long as you pay for it.

Affordable Pricing: Bare Metal Email guarantees a pricing structure that’s more economical than Outlook, making it an accessible email solution for businesses, regardless of their size.

No Limitations on Inboxes, Email Sending, and Subscribers: Embrace the liberty of having unlimited inboxes, the capacity to send unlimited emails daily, and the ability to have as many subscribers as you need with Bare Metal Email. This ensures your business communication remains boundless.

Warming Up Numerous Inboxes at No Extra Cost: Bare Metal Email preps up to 150 inboxes and addresses for free, promising enhanced deliverability for your email campaigns.

We are not just an email server and IP provider; we are also a local internet registrar. This means that we own the IP addresses that we rent to you, ensuring that nobody else can use them.

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Integration

With Bare Metal Email, each customer is granted their unique IP address, a critical advantage for maintaining a high email reputation and achieving superior deliverability rates. Unlike Mailgun, Bare Metal Email also offers unlimited inboxes and the capacity to send an unlimited number of emails – a crucial feature for businesses seeking unhindered communication flow.

Moreover, Bare Metal Email’s dedicated IP ensures your business’s reputation remains intact, while its guaranteed lower price makes it a cost-effective choice. With up to 150 warmed-up inboxes and addresses, you can rely on Bare Metal Email to deliver your messages effectively and efficiently.

Transition to Bare Metal Email Today

So say goodbye to Mailgun and switch to Bare Metal Email for unbeatable email deliverability. Run a dedicated email marketing server for your transactional and system emails, with infinite subscribers, infinite sending, and infinite usages, all at a price guaranteed to beat the biggest providers in the world.

In essence, Bare Metal Email offers a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective solution, outstripping Mailgun in terms of service delivery, flexibility, and pricing. By prioritizing user experience, email deliverability, and affordability, Bare Metal Email has proven to be the superior choice for businesses looking to optimize their email management system.