Why we’re better? What’s – right – about email at the moment?!

The complaints just keep coming from disgruntled business internet users:All over the internet people are losing it with the big providers, and in todays messy email tech sector, it’s every reason under the sun…Date of complaint we heard about this…
Graham“I have 6 domains on Zoho that have been warmed up, sent a campaign 90 emails which is designed to be 15 per domain
But paused at 75 I think… Account was temporarily locked for over 6 hrs and the error message that was popping up when I tried sending manual mail was ‘Unusual sending activity detected’…”
KalyaniSo I tried cold emails (2nd attempt). Got a notification from the email provider that too many people marked this email as spam and the email account has been suspended. How do you handle this? Do you use any specific email provider?2024
ChrisOffice + Hotmail has been heavy handed lately in reputation based monitoring.2024
PravnaI have so many email addresses from multiple domains and even Gmails. This creates chaos when looking into spam scores and especially when selecting email ids for campaigns. The search option makes it easier but I think we need a better solution.2024
MarbHow far off would it be before cold email stops being efficient? Do you think soon it will be hard to run cold email successfully…2023
ConnorHave been doing some heavy testing… would not recommend emailing aol, comcast, yahoo, me or Mac extensions going forward without knowing what youre doing….(this is across 100+ clients)… just testing so you all don’t have to!!! Happy Monday.2023
JamesSpam is often sent from big providers, too. For several years I hosted my email the “middle ground” way (i.e., relaying outgoing mail via Google Workspace), and despite using DMARC correctly it was not infrequent that my emails would go to spam (even to GMail boxes) or never show up at all…2023
LucyObviously GMail is such a giant that email providers have to be very careful when blocking it, but enough spam comes from there that receivers clearly use some heuristics to block some of it. I’ve even received multiple rejection notices because the GMail server my email was sent through happened to be on a blacklist!2023
Ahmed…(I never got a mail from my domain to show up in Outlook when I was relaying through Google)2023
AndrewGMail is forcing 2factor “authentication” and switching off “less secure apps” which means all those cool little apps will stop working unless the app maker pays gmail $70,000 to get access to their new API…2023
GrahamMS365 and Gmail are shutting down less secure apps to control the ecosystem…2023
LouiseMy business partner’s eldery auntie got 2factored on her outlook the other day, this is how crazy it’s getting. And she got locked out of “everything”. Because she didn’t have a mobile phone…2022
FrancisAnother guy setup his entire system to run on Amazon SES, all his emails are now going to spam across 100 accounts, and he can’t fix it…2022
BenYou will be arbitrarily cut off because of someone elses reputation problems (shared IPs)…2022
Rav185SendGrid puts all paid customers in a single IP pool, so if joe from russia is sending 1M emails per day.. it will affect everyone else… Sengrid solution is to “upsell” you to their higher packages…2022
StevenI’ve had severe deliverability issues with SES. You’re pooled with a lot of bad actors and occasionally you get a blacklisted outbound. They have a reputation system but it’s far from perfect and requires manual intervention if you’re blocked from sending which is a real pain…2022

And here’s how we’ve started to help one by one…

Their private problem…Our architecture solution…
One customer had his domain itself placed on 2 major blacklists because he used a third party SMTP sender, we had to liase with the lists themselves in order to get him removed and start warming his domains up properly. The sender itself was at fault, they had burned their IP’s a long time ago, and this results in – all – their clients hitting the spam.While simultaneously being blacklisted just from sending a few emails from 1 of their blacklisted server IPs. Needless to say this had destroyed the deliverability rates of our client before working with us. We cleaned their IP’s, then setup a dedicated sender while warming up their existing infrastructure.
One guy had to switch providers 4 times once he had appeared on 1 sending blacklist via Mailgun, the IP of the bad email server infected his domain, effectively making his entire domain blacklisted as well. both email AND domain providers, all because 1 SMTP sender was to upfront about their terrible sending reputation.We managed to help him clean his domain from the blacklist by changing his domain’s IP address. This involved switching 3 servers providers before being given a clean IP! Even the original sending company’s servers had been permanently blacklisted destroying their inboxing reputation.
Another guy setup his entire system to run on Amazon SES, all his emails are now going to spam across 100 accounts, and he can’t fix it.He was arbitrarily cut off because of someone elses reputation problems (shared IPs). We solved this by creating a network of sending servers for each domain with steadily warmed machines. They now have an over 98% delivery rates 3 months later.