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Your own Dedicated IP address Business Email Server.
One simple low price.
Unlimited inboxes.
Unlimited email sending.
Unlimited subscribers.

A focus on the Highest Deliverability for your business emails.
Up to 150 inboxes and addresses Warmed up for free forever.
Done for you. We handle your integrations with top Engineers.
For any Business Email sending need.
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Reputation is everything

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Your business email IP is your reputation.

If you are using a shared IP address, you could be using that address alongside hundreds of other IP users who could, or could not, be decreasing the deliverability of that IP address. This could affect the performance of your business emails.

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IP addresses linked to a business email account are absolutely everything when it comes to the reputation of your email. IP addresses alongside domain names and email addresses are the three things that ensure deliverability of an email goes through.

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Spam Checker

The fourth part that ensures any deliverability of business emails is the actual content of the email itself, down to the HTML of the email, including the headers, the body and the footer of the HTML of the email being sent to any email server.

Dedicated IP is the way

What Sets Us Apart as a Business Email Service Provider?

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No Shared Servers

If IP reputation is everything, that means losing your IP can be utterly devastating for your business. We provide a dedicated IP address just for your domain.

Out of all the business email service providers, we genuinely care about your deliverability.

Therefore We guarantee as a business email alternative that nobody else will use this IP and we can guarantee that as long as you pay for the IP,
the IP will never, ever drop out of your name.

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Guaranteed IP

We are as well as a server provider and an IP provider, are a Local Internet Registrar.

This means that we own IP’s that we can rent to you.

Meaning when you sign a contract with us, your IP goes to nobody else. It is guaranteed to your company only and you can do whatever you want with it. If there’s other things you want to do with your IP as well as email sending, we’ll gladly help you out. We will never block you from using your IP unless you get your IP blacklisted, in which case we will have to suspend and try to rescue your services which we have done successfully.

Your IP reputation is finally in your hands,
not some third party so you can create business email with confidence.

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Avoid Spam boxes

This is something that other email providers will not allow you to do because you do not have control over the IP address they give you. IP addresses are what other external servers such as Gmail and Outlook will look at when it comes to the reputation of your email sending; how many of your emails are going into spam?

Do Outlook and Gmail arbitrarily place your emails into spam for various reasons, including the content of your emails, the age of your domain, the subject of your emails, the body text of your emails, the different HTML links within your emails from your sending domain, and a myriad of other reasons that we all know?

What can my server handle?

Choosing the Best Business Email Service

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Strong Servers

As an email for business user, you will be able to send as many emails as your server can handle effectively. Every server can manage a certain number of emails. Before ultimately, if you send and receive too much for your hardware stats, it falls over. If your server does become too overworked, we will recommend that you upgrade to a larger server and a larger subscription.

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Be Smart

You do not have to do this. However, your server will fall over eventually. Servers are not infinite things. They are machines, and machines only have a certain amount of processing and memory power, but ours will ensure you can always create a business email with confidence.

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Grow your Servers

If you need larger sending solutions, you can just pay for them. We can offer custom solutions to get a business email based on the amount of memory your server needs (How big are the files), the size of the processor your server needs (How much are you sending and receiving per day), the amount of ram that your server needs (How many active users will login to your webmail every day), etc. We can even increase the amount of connectivity you need in case of extremely large loads of data going out from your servers.

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Data transfer

In terms of data transfer and resources. All of these things are included in your most basic packages and all of these things at an enterprise level are open to negotiation.

We know as a business email hosting provider from experience that every need is different.

What Makes us the Next Gen Best Business Email service?

We engineered Bare Metal Email specifically to be superior to current legacy business inbox providers in every way. Focusing on Deliverability, Service and Support.

What email marketers look for in their inbox providers:
Dedicated IP?Can with Exchange
Inboxes Provided?UnlimitedPay for each 1Pay for each 1Pay for each 1
Sending per Inbox?UnlimitedHard cappedHard cappedHard capped
Domain and IP Reputation Warmup Included?
Domain and IP Reputation Maintenance Included?
2 Factor Authentication?OptionalEnforcedEnforcedOptional
Support with Integrations?
Copy/Spam danger report?
IP and Domain analysis?
Inbox Privacy and Security?Absolute Reads your mail Reads your mail Policy Unclear
IP Blacklist reputation Recoverable?Not by youNot by youNot by you

Totally managed, no-brainer, hybrid or solo.

Run your existing stuff alongside us.

Our business email services offer several advantages:

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The most brilliant thing about us is that we handle all this for you. Your server is maintained by us and the integration will be handled by us, so you don’t need to worry about it. And if you want to run your current integrations alongside while we install your new servers and warm up your new inboxes, we can do that too. With daily and weekly backups of your inboxes included.

We are your Postmaster General for you business email domain and IP. We will not only diagnose your own current sending problems, but present a long term solution to them, once and for all.

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Hybrid Control

There are hybrid solutions available for a slightly extra cost, which includes a one time set up cost as our engineers need to get involved. This means you’re welcome to run your existing setup while you warm us up, making us perfect for small business email hosting as well. The major advantages to working in this way are the fact that you can send infinite numbers of emails, you are no longer hard capped by Gmail, Outlook, or MailChimp from sending more emails or having more subscribers.

We do not control your limits. We are simply a box that you are hosting and using our email software supported by our engineers to make sure that your email deliverability is as high as possible for the long term.

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Trusted Servers

This is the most important part when building the best email for business reputation company, which includes any business that needs to send emails in order to maintain transactions, create authentication emails, reach out to potential clients or partners, whatever you can think of that is a legal activity of a business on a day to day basis: Our servers will handle them for you using good old IMAP and SMTP.

Securely and above all, privately.

Our Average Reliable Deliverability

What's the average performance on our client's email servers? It's consistently in high double figures, and we work hard to keep it that way. When our technology is combined with good email copy and excellent data through our master classes, we can achieve significantly higher deliverability rates than Gmail or Outlook when sending mail to the top 5 global providers by volume.

*Rates based on an average well written campaign with using our customer only Wiki to optimal effect.

Run huge things and be finally in charge of your emails

business domain email

No more sky high charges for sending emails.
No more sky high charges for simply adding your subscribers. No more sky high charges for warming.
No more sky high charges for simply running an inbox.
No more sky high charges. Period.

business email service providers

Run a huge team of people sending and receiving hundreds or thousands of emails every day on one of our basic solutions from (recommended) up to 40 to 150 inboxes, all with warm up.
At a very reasonable price, from a dedicated IP.

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Run a dedicated email marketing server for your transactional and system emails, with infinite subscribers, infinite sending, and infinite usages, all at a price guaranteed to beat the biggest providers in the world.

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Take control of your own server reputation and build a server that will last you decades by building a server today, that has your reputation in mind and nobody else’s. You know finally, that your emails alone are the things that dictate whether or not your server reputation will increase or decrease. You are not tied to arbitrary sending limits. You are not tied to arbitrary rules. You are not tied to anyone else’s reputation because your server is dedicated.

best email service for business

Because your IP is dedicated you don’t have to worry about another shared network ever again.

Which means whether an amateur or expert, we are the solution for you in the long-term, because sending reputation is everything.

Integrate with everything you already love

Plus Hundreds more… we even help with integration if you need it!

Don’t see what you use? Ask us we’ll get it running!

Simple Pricing, Maximum Deliverability
Business Email Solutions

Bronze level servers

$349 per month

Your own Dedicated IP Server
Unlimited inboxes (Recommended 40).
Unlimited email sending. 
Unlimited subscribers.
40gb of Storage space.
-Up to 40 inboxes warmed up for free. 
Your own branded inbox software per user that works like any web mail.
Our complete forensic Wiki knowledge base to maintain and build your email reputation as a company. 
For any Email sending need.

Silver level servers

$549 per month

Your own Dedicated IP Server
Unlimited inboxes (Recommended 80).
Unlimited email sending. 
Unlimited subscribers.
80gb of Storage space.
-Up to 80 inboxes warmed up for free. 
Your own branded inbox software per user that works like any web mail.
Our complete forensic Wiki knowledge base to maintain and build your email reputation as a company. 
For any Advanced Email sending need.

Gold level servers

$849 per month

Your own Dedicated IP Server
Unlimited inboxes (Recommended 150).
Unlimited email sending. 
Unlimited subscribers.
200gb of Storage space.
-Up to 150 inboxes warmed up for free. 
Your own branded inbox software per user that works like any web mail.
Our complete forensic Wiki knowledge base to maintain and build your email reputation as a company. 
For any Bulk and Advanced Email need.
Arbitrary nondelivery, unknown errors, deliverability failures, IP blacklisting, Domain blacklisting, Shared servers, Bad support...

Modern Email is a minefield... don't let it be anymore. Let our Engineers give your sending needs peace of mind, and inbox primary every time. 

Legal and Safe

US & Can – CanSpam Compliant

EU & UK – GDPR and PECR Compliant